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Welcome! We enjoy caring for a very special herd of beautiful Tennessee Walking Horses.  Aside from providing a nice smooth gait (barefoot), their personalities are super friendly, sweet and extremely people oriented.  All of them are easy keepers.  As Mother Nature permits, we produce foals with special colors and spots, but each one has a beautiful personality and a heart of gold. We have found that our young ones tend to train easily and are a pleasure to own and ride.

This breed is excellent for people with physical limitations. We are dedicated to having naturally gaited, friendly horses for pleasure and the trail. Some have show merit and potential, but have the qualities that make them a pleasure to own. The video clips show our horses walking barefoot, just after being started under saddle. The movement you will see is raw and unpolished, but the natural talent is very visible.

All of our horses are registered and bloodtyped with the TWHBEA (Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association.)  Select horses are registered with the RHBA (Racking Horse Association.)  Our spotted horses are either registered or eligible for the Spotted Horse Registries (SSHBEA and NSSHA.) 


Foals that our breeding program has produced.

  The Gait of the Tennessee Walking Horse


What makes the Tennessee Walking Horse unique?  The Tennessee Walking Horse is very talented.  Most are versatile enough to walk, trot, pace and canter - as well as perform a 4 beat gait that falls in between the trot and the pace, which is very smooth to ride.

Runningwalk - The preferred gait of the Walker.  The hind leg oversteps the front leg (called overstride) and the head nods with each step taken. The Runningwalk is the gait that gives the smoothest ride. It is a fast walk that does not produce the up/down motion of the trot. It takes a strong set of hindquarters to perform the Runningwalk, because a large degree of overstride is required. In the drawing above, notice how the hind leg oversteps the front leg's hoofprint. This is accompanied by a significant nod of the head, and lateral motion of the hips. Young TWH's have a very loose walk, and when traveling slow, have a signature swing of the tail. Four beat gaits that do not have the head nod are often called a "saddle-lick", a "stepping pace", a "rack", "single-footing", "fox-trot" and more.    What differentiates these gaits is the degree of head "nod" with each step forward, and the amount of "overstride" of the hind leg.

Trot - This is a 2 beat gait that is diagonal.  Most Walking Horses, if they trot, have a floating sort of trot that is elegant and smooth.  The basic trot is left to the Western and English type horses.

Pace - This is a lateral 2 beat gait where the horse's body shifts from side to side.  Viewed from the side, the front and hind leg move forward in unison (resembling locomotive wheels.)

Canter - The desired canter is described as a "Rocking Chair" canter. It is highly animated and beautiful. It is not meant for speed, but for luxury and beauty. The forequarters rise off the ground gracefully as the horse appears to "rock" back and forth as it moves along. This canter often requires some special training to develop collection and the hindquarters muscles.  The Tennessee Walker performs it well and with pride.



Annie's L'il Secret (1992 Black Mare)

Our next addition was Annie's L'il Secret, a black mare. She was sired by "Our Favorite Secret", 7 time Michigan Stallion of the year. Her dam is Handshaker's Annie, a direct daughter of the well-known Mack K Handshaker. Her direct grandsire is WGC Pride's Secret Threat. WGC Midnight Sun, WGC Delight's Bummin' Around, and other outstanding TWH's are in her pedigree.

She is solid black except for a very faint star on her forehead. She stands 15 hands tall, is patient, loving, and calm around people. She has a very nice gait and makes a wonderful broodmare.



Perlino Mare (1998) - Collector's White Lace

 "Lacey" is a March 1998 (perlino) mare that is pure white from nose to tail, a cream colored mane and tail, complete with blue eyes. The prominent names in her pedigree are Ebony Masterpiece, Dusty Bum, and WGC Pride's Secret Threat. Her pedigree is filled with buckskins, palominos and light colored horses, and she goes back to Last Chance. Both of her parents were buckskin.

She's a very likable girl who is very curious and nosey. She loves to be around people and demands her share of the petting action. She took to the saddle like a fish to water, and loves to ride. She stands 15 hands.

Lacey is in Michigan with Belle.

Sorry, not offered for sale.



"KISSIMMEE" 1992 Marshall Dillon Mare


This is Kissimmee (Gritzy Lady). She is a direct daughter of Marshall Dillon, who is famous for his sensible progeny, gentle temperament, and easy stride and way of going. Kissimmee is no exception. She is marvelous on trails and is a great confidence builder for with beginner riders.

She stands 15 hands tall, is graceful, quiet and very patience. She has such a kind heart. She is a very kind and patient mare.  She has a very smooth gait.



 A Darlin Dream "Belle" 1996 Mare

Belle is a direct daughter of WGC Pride's Genius. The first three generations in her pedigree has 6 out of 7 sires that are World Grand Champions. Among them are WGC Ebony Masterpiece and WGC GLL's Carbon Copy, Triple Threat, and Ebony Masterpiece. She is as gentle as the day is long, and she came from a Theraputic Riding program. She's being introduced to trails and is doing very well. Anyone can ride her, and she's a pleasure to have. She is over 16h.

Belle is not for sale.



"Becky" - Lethal Sensation - 1998 Buckskin Tobiano Mare

Becky is a direct daughter of 1995 SSHBEA WGC Alan's Lethal Weapon. Becky is registered with TWHBEA and SSHBEA.

She is a great trail horse and has a super gentle personality. She will cross streams and go over logs and bridges. She was shown when she was younger by previous owners and has a lovely gait. She is a wonderful addition to our breeding program.

Sorry, Becky is not for sale.



Legacy - TOBIANO STALLION - "Secret's Two Tone Genius"

Willie is a gorgeous TWHBEA tobiano stallion with magnificent looks, color, personality, intelligence, temperament and unmatchable bloodlines. He is a direct grandson of WGC Pride's Genius. Other notables in his pedigree are Pride's Secret Threat, and Ebony Masterpiece and Rock's Rarity.

This boy is gentle, sweet, willing, calm tempered, and extremely loving. He's so mellow, it's hard to believe he's a stallion!

   We no longer have Willie - he is located in Ohio.


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